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Prayer Team

Every week we have a great team of people who pray over the prayer requests that are submitted through the website or turned in on a Connect Card during the Weekend Services. If you are interesting in joining this team, please fill out a Volunteer Application here.

If you need prayer before or after any of our Weekend Services, we have a prayer room in our Worship Center that is available for you. Our Pastors and ministry leaders are there to pray with you as well as help you get connected to your next step of growth.

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Pastoral Counseling

We know that there are times in life that direction from the Word of God and prayer with one of our Ministry Leaders is needed. We have a team of Pastors and leaders who are available to meet with you. It is important to note the counseling we provide is strictly pastoral care counseling. We also have a list of recommended certified counselors, which we may provide.

Helping Hands

Every once in a while, life hands us situations where we need a little help. Cape Christian givers designate some of their gifts over and above their tithes to a “Helping Hands” account that the Pastoral Care Department administers in order to help meet the special needs of our congregation.

To this end, Cape Christian also offers counseling assistance and financial “scholarships” to assist those with the cost of counseling.

To be considered for a financial assistance or a counseling “scholarship,” the applicant must:

1.     Show a record of three months attendance at CCF

2.     Show a record of regularly giving during that three months period

3.     Make a statement of household income

The online form is the primary provision for applying for a Helping Hands Counseling Assistance Scholarship. Paper copies of the form are available at the church office and may be submitted to Pastoral Care.

Types of expenses that may be covered are housing, medical treatment, transportation to or from a place of employment, and funeral expenses.

Expenses that cannot be paid by Helping Hands funds include school expenses, business ventures or investments, anything which brings financial profit to the individual or family, paying off credit cards (exceptions can be made when an individual has had to use a credit card in a crisis or emergency, e.g. hospitalization, death, etc.), needs of individuals who are wanted by the law or for paying fines as a result of breaking the law, housing for unmarried couples, legal fees, penalties relating to late payments or irresponsible actions, or private school fees or tuition.

Funds will not be disbursed for food since there are other ministries who disburse food (Cape Coral Caring Center, CCMI, or Grace Community Church).

All recipients must attend Cape Christian membership class and financial stewardship class or be personally mentored in development of a home budget.

(Additional requirements for individuals applying for Helping Hands funds for a second time):

Applicant must have completed a financial workshop or class, or received approved individual financial counseling. The Pastoral Care department can help direct these individuals to find appropriate classes or mentors.

The applicant must have begun systematic giving, leading to tithing and experiencing the joy of returning back to God a portion of what God blesses to us.

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Counseling Assistance

Counseling assistance is offered for individuals, couples, adolescents, and children using the application above.

Financial scholarships, to assist with the cost of counseling, are based upon household income and other factors.

Financial assistance may be “capped” at a certain amount or number of counseling sessions.

Financial assistance is paid directly to the approved professional counselor. No checks will be made out to individuals seeking aid and assistance.