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Yoga with Yvonne

Move and worship with Yvonne Arroyo!

Leader: Yvonne Arroyo

Thursdays at 6:30, email for start date

Becoming Beloved

Find your purpose, live Loved, become who God created you to be

Leader: Cindy Grasso

Facebook: capewomen

Instagram: becomingbeloved71

Blog: becomingbeloved.org

James with Francis Chan

Leader: Salli Hinton & April Coutant

Wednesday • 9:30am

SE Cape Coral

Full- Food, Jesus and the Battle for Satisfaction by Asheritah Ciuciu

Leader: Ammie Black

Wednesday • 7pm

SE Cape Coral

Message Series

Leaders: Joanne Manel & Diane DelVechhio

Thursday • 6:30pm

SE Cape Coral

Philippians for Caregivers

Leaders: Rachel Reyes

Thursday • 10am

SE Cape Coral

Fabulous Fifties

Leader: Michi Smith

Saturday • 10am

Cape Christian • D3