Need Care?

You are not alone. We all have defining moments in our lives. We struggle with challenging circumstances, relational pain, transitional seasons.

How we respond during these times has a direct impact on our futures. Cape Christian has local resources and counseling programs that can help you build better relationships, navigate through painful times, and find hope for a better future.

Your journey has a next step and we will help you find it.

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Need Prayer?

There are times when life is overwhelming. Hope can feel far away. The great thing about prayer is that it shifts our perspective toward the One who stands ready to listen. Our Prayer Force would love to pray for you this week.

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Pray First

Make prayer your first response not your last resort. If you want to learn more about prayer or how to foster a lifestyle of prayer, email to request a PrayFirst booklet.

Prayer Force

For those called to make a difference through prayer, our Prayer Force prays at every weekend service in the prayer room for the people attending or those leading. 

Weekly Prayer List

Our prayer force intercedes throughout the week for our lead pastor, staff and all requests from our attenders connect cards and prayer wall.

To learn more about how to serve on the Prayer Force, attend Cape Christian Growth Track.

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