What is RESET?

Have you ever had to restart your car … recharge a battery … reboot your computer … replace something broken … redo a failed project, or your hair … remove something harmful … rethink your choices … reevaluate your direction … hit the reset button for your life? Chances are, you have. Life can be full of victories and good memories but it also can be full of pain, regret and poor choices. And many times we need a reset for our lives, a redo if you will.Jesus came to this earth to provide a redo for all of us. In the book of Matthew, when Jesus began His ministry, the first word that came out of His mouth was a “re” word. He said, “Repent, for the kingdom of God is near.” The word repent means “a change of direction; to think, see, hear, and act differently; to reconsider.” In essence Jesus was saying, “You need to change the way you see, think, and act because you now belong to a new kingdom, with a new king (Me!), with a new identity, with new purpose, living by new kingdom principles.”Of the 40 parables in the New Testament that Jesus teaches, 19 of them pertain to this new kingdom. Jesus came to regain, restore, repair, and to reinstate relationship with our heavenly Father. So as we enter this new kingdom and relationship with God through His son, Jesus, there are many things to rethink, reevaluate, and reconsider.During this class/series we will discover and explore what it means to live in this new kingdom. Our desire is that you will find RESET to be a real, authentic, non-religious place. It’s a safe place where all people and all questions about God, the Bible and who Jesus really is, are welcome.We’ll cover topics like:
  • How to read the Bible
  • Why did Jesus have to die like He did?
  • The New Birth—what must I do to be saved?
  • How to pray
  • My identity—as a child of God
  • Forgiveness
  • The Holy Spirit—who is He?  …and more
Our vision at Cape Christian is, “We exist to introduce people to Jesus and help them discover who God created them to be.” So if you are on your way to discovering who Jesus is, if you have just recently found a relationship with Him, or if you are coming back to life in Him, RESET can be a great place for you.
Ready for a reset? Here we go!
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