Two are better off than one, because together they can work more effectively. If one of them falls down, the other can help him up. – Ecclesiastes 4:9

If you do not like sports, please skip the following paragraph and head straight to #1 Trust.
I love pretty much anything to do with Chicago sports teams! Da Bulls-Da Bears-Da Blackhawks-Da Cubs!! I grew up in Northwest Indiana in a section they call “the greater Chicagoland area” and our time zone and channels (all 5 of them) were CHICAGO all the time. That means in 1985 I witnessed the greatest defense and Bears team of all time…Walter Payton Da Coach Mike Ditka, “The Fridge”…Who doesn’t remember the super bowl shuffle! In the 90’s I watched every Chicago Bulls game I could watch. The greatest player of all time “Michael” you don’t even have to say his last name and you know whom I am referring to. Even though we had some amazing players….winning championships was dependent on having a great T-E-A-M.  This is true in sports, businesses, churches…
Excuse my acronym

  1. Trust – I listed this first for a reason. One of the most important things, but over looked. For instance, someone can have all the gifts, the talents, and the determination to be a great player, but if they lack trust in those around them– the team will become dysfunctional and never rise to its full potential.
  2. Effort – Character is at the heart of the team. Each member must choose to “own” the tasks and job descriptions that is given to them. They must put in the time and effort it takes to become great at their individual role. The stronger the links the stronger the chain as a whole is.
  3. Alliance – I have been in churches that were not unified, and the team failed. I have been in other situations where the team experienced true unity, and it was a beautiful thing. Unity is important on so many levels, and it requires each member of the team to put aside their personal preferences for what is best for the entire team.
  4. Multifaceted – Diversity is one thing I love about every great team I have been a part of. Young pastors and old pastors. Conservative pastors and some more progressive pastors. Tons of different personalities. Teams that cannot look past differences and accept diversity will limit their ability to build a great team. (Dennis Rodman could not score to save his tattooed 6’ 9” body….but he sure could rebound….sorry, I digress back into Chicago sports analogies)

Just know that no matter what team you are on, in children’s ministry, in sports, in the church, in your business, in your job, in your small group….Your part is CRITICAL. You matter! We have the skills to reach the world with the love of Jesus.